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Bongino to Ingraham: “Everything Obama Promised, Trump Has Produced”

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  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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In discussing the GOP’s win in the special election in North Carolina earlier this week on Fox News with Laura Ingraham last night, Dan Bongino hammered home that this is another example that the “media is eager to tell A story, not THE story.”

Having a bit of a jab at CNN, Ingraham played clips of how easily the tides can turn in the liberal media narrative. The media “hyped the election when they thought Democrat McCready was going to win” Ingraham noted. Liberal media taunted Republicans for being so worried about losing that they had to send President Trump and Vice President Pence down to go to bat for the GOP candidates.

Quickly things changed when their candidate lost and Bongino pointed out that suddenly it’s a “moral victory.” No longer able to relish in a potential Republican loss, “when Democrats come close but lose, it’s painted as a moral victory” complete with all the excuses such as “well it was close, it was a Republican leaning district” etc.

Laura Ingeaham also pointed out that McCready was 17 points ahead then “Trump rolls to town” and GOP’s Bishop wins. “That tells me Trump is a really popular President” said Ingraham.

The discussion then turned to how the mainstream media is shamelessly “pushing” for a recession just to hurt Trump. “How much longer can democrats ignore the good state of the economy?” asked Ingraham. Because the truth is that “good news keeps rolling in.” For example, “household income finally matches its 1999 peak” and the poverty rate has hit its lowest point since 2001. Ingraham asks how much longer can democrats ignore the good news and continue downplaying the economy?

Bongino sums it up succinctly: “Everything Obama promised, Trump actually produced.” Examples include “income inequality is lower,” the poverty rate is decreasing, minority unemployment rates are at historic lows, and “wage increases are concentrated at the lower end of the income scale…literally everything Obama promised, Trump produced and Obama made worse.”

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