Midland Police officer Zack Owens was released from the hospital today after he was gravely injured during Saturday’s mass shooting in Midland and Odessa, Texas. The gunman had been fired from his job earlier that day before he went on a random shooting rampage throughout the community, killing 7 civilians. Finally, the terror ended when the gunman was shot and killed outside a movie theater.

Officer Owens was shot multiple times in the arm and hand during the mass shooting. “Both knuckles were destroyed by bullet entry to left hand and his right arm has a radian head fracture. Next for Owens is to see an ophthalmologist specialist in Alabama who will evaluate “and likely perform corrective surgery for the glass shards that remain” in the hero’s eye.


Today, the local CBS station of Dallas, released the name of the full list of victims. In order to honor those that were injured and killed, we name them below:

Among the killed were Joe Griffith, 40; Mary Granados, 29; Edwin Peregrino, 25; Rodolfo Julio Arco, 57; Kameron Karltess Brown, 30; Raul Garcia, 35; an an unnamed 15-year-old girl.

Dozens of others were wounded, including Nathan Hernandez, 18; Marc Gonzales, 38; Timothy Beard, 55; Glenda Dempsy, 62; Marco Corral, 62; Coy Edge, 53; Joseph Glide, 60; Daniel Munoz, 28; Robert Cavasoz, 38; Maria Boado, 27; Efe Obayagbona, 45; Bradley Grimsley, 64; Timmothy Hardaway, 54; Quadri Fatai, 41; Jesus Alvidrez, 21; Lilia Diaz, 46; Krystal Lee, 36; and Larry Shores, 34. An unidentified 17-month-old girl and a 9-year-old boy were also injured.