James O’Keefe Undercover Video Exposes Alleged Voter Fraud Scheme in Texas

James O’Keefe Undercover Video Exposes Alleged Voter Fraud Scheme in Texas

I have long said that the single best investigative reporter in America is James O’Keefe and he keeps proving me right. In this case, O’Keefe found a political consultant coercing and bribing voters into changing their votes. She admitted to his undercover agent that what she was doing was illegal and that she would go to prison if she was caught.

According to Project Veritas Chief Legal Officer Jered Ede, what Rodriguez is doing breaks state and federal law.

“In addition to the fact that Texas law does not permit harvesting non-family members’ ballots,” he said, “Texas law makes a separately punishable violation for Rodriguez to be paid to harvest ballots, and yet another violation to pay others to harvest ballots for her organization.”

Incidentally, you may be thinking that this is a small operation. It is not.

Raquel Rodriguez: “I can honestly say I’m bringing at least at least 7,000 votes to the polls.”

Journalist: “Seven thousand—and that’s for San Antonio for this area too. It’s a lot.”

Rodriguez: “That’s a lot. It’s a lot, period. Just so you know–have an idea–so this is what I do.”

She also noted that former inmates were bribed to vote for Democrats.

Sometimes, the ballot chaser said she hosts parties at a bar for her voters, some of them former inmates recruited by her colleague, Tommy Acosta.

“Tommy does what’s called, like barbecues, so like an example, this coming Thursday at a bar, we’re going to feed 45 ex-felons that we registered because they’re going to all vote,” she said.

The parties are thrown after everyone votes, she said.

Raquel Rodriguez: “So, guess what we’re going to do? We’re taking them to a bar to go eat, OK. I got some people to go to the bar and guess what? I had to f#cking take them beer. I was like, are y’all going to come and vote or not? And they were like we’re going to meet you right now. I said come meet me because when you get to the bar, I’m going to have a bucket of beer for all of y’all to drink. I just took care of it. Just said your bucket is there.”

That’s one person illegally getting the Democrats 7,000 more votes and she notes to O’Keefe’s operative that she has “over a dozen ballot harvesters on her payroll.” This isn’t just voter fraud, it’s widescale voter fraud on a level big enough to conceivably swing statewide elections. It’s also impossible to believe that if an operation like this is going on in Texas of all places, that it isn’t going on all over the place. Anyone who believes in honest elections should be VERY concerned about this.

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