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Video Shows Biden Getting Confused After Meeting With South Korean President

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After a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Joe Biden became confused in a press conference. Biden mixed up the 5G wireless network with the G5 (Group of Five) organization. The G5 nations (Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and South Africa) are a particular grouping of nations with notable, but still emerging economies.

Biden said:

This includes everything from strengthening our cybersecurity to deepening our cooperation to build out an open secure G5 network — 5G network, I should say.  I’m talking about the G5, that’s another organization.  (Laughter.)  I’m thinking organization, Mr. President — to secure the 5G networks.

If this were another President, most people would just shrug this kind of thing off. The problem is that even though Biden’s staff tries to protect him by keeping him out of the public eye as much as possible while limiting his questions from reporters, he’s still constantly making these kinds of gaffes.

Biden was not the sharpest knife in the drawer when he was in his prime and quite frankly, he’s just not mentally up to the job of being the President of the United States and everyone knows it. That means behind the scenes, undoubtedly his staff is pushing agendas and taking charge of things they wouldn’t under any other President.

It means that our allies can’t be confident in him and our enemies are emboldened to think they can easily outsmart and outmaneuver him. On his best day, Joe Biden was an empty suit. Now that he’s a 78-year-old empty suit with dementia who probably couldn’t figure out how to get back to the White House if you dropped him off in the middle of the DC subway system, it endangers our nation to have him in the White House.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here and Twitter here.

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