VIDEO: Trump First Sitting President EVER to Speak at NYC Veterans Day Parade

VIDEO: Trump First Sitting President EVER to Speak at NYC Veterans Day Parade

President Trump is the first ever sitting Commander In Chief to speak at the New York City Veterans Day Parade. Today marks the 100th anniversary of the parade, at which President Trump gave a heartfelt message to our Veterans whom he referred to as “the greatest warriors to ever walk the face of the earth.”

“Our Veterans risked everything for us. Now it is our duty to serve and protect them” said the President before a wreath-laying ceremony. As one of the biggest defenders and advocates of our men and women in uniform, President Trump assured “to each veteran of the war, the glory of your deeds will only grow greater with time.”

Although President Trump announced he will move his permanent residency outside of New York earlier this month, this morning he praised the city as one that “since the earliest days of our nation, New York has exemplified the American spirit.”

Trump marked the 100th anniversary when, “in 1919 the people of this city filled block after block to welcome General Pershing and his 25,000 American soldiers after victory in World War I.” He then honored the 4 million Americans who fought and the more than 116,000 Americans who “made the ultimate sacrifice.”

“Every year since, on November eleventh, we have shared our nation’s deepest praise and gratitude to every citizen who has worn the uniform of the American Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines.”

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