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VIDEO: Verbal Shots Fired! Former Officer Testifies to Congress She Will NOT Comply With Assault Weapons Ban

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Today a congressional hearing was held regarding a proposed assault-weapons ban. Reportedly emotions were high and Dianna Muller testified she would not comply with an assault ban. Muller “served in the Tulsa Police Department for 22 years and is the founder of gun advocacy group the DC project” and today she “was among the witnesses at the House Judiciary Committee hearing” reported Fox News.

The hearing focused “on the practicality of a ban, pointing out what they claim were mainly ‘cosmetic’ differences between weapons such as the AR-15 and standard semi-automatic hunting rifles.”

Beginning in the video around 03:40 – Ms. Muller was asked, “you served as a law enforcement officer during the time that the previous assault weapon ban was in place from ’94 to 2004. Did you see any impact, anecdotally, on your safety as a law enforcement officer or on those you were sworn to protect and serve?”

Muller responded: “I have previously testified that I did not see any before, during, or after. I am listening to these numbers and I would like to follow up on the 70% less likely to occur during assault weapons ban. I don’t understand that and I don’t understand why we would’ve allowed it to sense that if it were an effective policy.”

Additionally, she said:
My goal here is to educate people, we are law-abiding, responsible gun owners and please don’t legislate the 150 million people just like me into being criminals. It has happened, you’ve already done it. The legislation on bump stocks; I was a bump stock owner and I had to make a decision do I become a felon or do I comply. And like the gentleman that just got escorted out, I will not comply with the assault weapons ban.

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