Vietnamese Baptist Church Burned in Philly Riots While Police Are Ordered Not to Arrest Looters

Vietnamese Baptist Church Burned in Philly Riots While Police Are Ordered Not to Arrest Looters

When you see out-of-control rioting and looting in a city, almost inevitably you find out that the Democrats in charge sympathize with the mob and have decided to let them run wild. That’s exactly what happened in Philadelphia, where the city has been engulfed in violence, rioting & looting for three days after convicted felon Walter Wallace was killed by police officers he was coming after with a knife. It has now been revealed that the Mayor ordered the police not to arrest anyone for looting,

Of course, when you give criminals the go-ahead smash into stores and steal what they want, they don’t just stop there.

A dozen people were killed. 30 officers were injured. Stores across the city were looted and destroyed. The violence and rioting are slowing down in Philadelphia as the National Guard is being deployed across the city, but it wasn’t enough to keep a Vietnamese Christian church from being burned to the ground last night.

Pastor Philip Pham received a call Tuesday night from a church member whose friend had seen the flames and seven fire trucks surrounding the church.

“I have no idea why they attacked our church,” Pham said. “They burned it from the roof. They threw flammable chemicals on the roof and [flames] burned through the roof” and down through the rest of the building. He said the facility is a “total loss.”

This is how it seems to work with #BlackLivesMatter riots. It’s supposedly a “peaceful protest” right up until the moment it isn’t, at which point we’re supposed to pretend that the arson, the riots, the violence, and looting are unrelated to the protests even though everyone knows better.

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