VP Pence Reminds Gov. Cuomo 1-in-5 U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Are in His State

VP Pence Reminds Gov. Cuomo 1-in-5 U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Are in His State

New York has been hit hardest by the coronavirus, but if you listened only to the mainstream media you couldn’t be faulted for not knowing that.

While the major networks sing Andrew Cuomo’s praises, the fact of the matter remains that if New York were its own country, it would rank #1 in coronavirus deaths per capita. (This is also true of New Jersey – which is the only state with more coroanvirus deaths per capita than New York). Despite that fact, the media has instead decided to criticize states where cases are rising (usually only criticizing red states specifically, such as Florida), ignoring the relative lack of severity of those cases.

It’s from New York that the virus was exported to the rest of the nation, which Cuomo blames on President Trump. Yesterday he attacked the Trump administration for downplaying virus (among other critisisms), despite the fact that he himself downplayed the virus. In early March Cuomo assured his state’s residents “Excuse our arrogance as New Yorkers — I speak for the mayor also on this one — we think we have the best health care system on the planet right here in New York. So, when you’re saying, what happened in other countries versus what happened here, we don’t even think it’s going to be as bad as it was in other countries.”

It was also a mistake to put coronavirus patients in nursing homes – but that wasn’t Trump’s doing.

Following that criticism, VP Mike Pence fired back on Laura Ingraham’s show last night. As the Washington Examiner reported:

Asked about the criticism from the governor, Pence said, “Our hearts grieve for the fact that one-in-five of all the American lives that have been lost in the coronavirus pandemic were lost in the State of New York, and some of that was because of poor decisions by the state and by Governor Cuomo.”

Of the 158,000 COVID-19 deaths, 32,413 have been in New York.

Watch below:

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