WAPO Column Urges Journalists to “Reach the Undecided” on Impeachment

WAPO Column Urges Journalists to “Reach the Undecided” on Impeachment

The Washington Post has come under fire after running a column urging “journalists” to reach those in the country who are undecided on the impeachment hoax.

In the piece, titled, “Wall-to-wall impeachment coverage is not changing any minds. Here’s how journalists can reach the undecided,” columnist Margaret Sullivan writes about how those in the media can take a “movie-trailer approach” when covering the Democrats’ sham impeachment scheme.

Columbia University journalism professor Bill Grueskin told Sullivan,”Studios spend a $1 million or more on a trailer, because they know it’s essential to boil down the essentials of the film — explaining but not giving away the plot, providing a quick but intense insight into the characters, setting the scene with vivid imagery — to entice people to come back to the theatre a month later for the full movie.”

Grueskin says people would welcome a “targeted, well-informed ‘trailer’ approach” to the impeachment charade instead of sitting through hours of congressional hearings on the matter.

Sullivan urges journalists to “get serious” about reaching those who may be undecided when it comes to their opinions on impeachment.

“Despite the hardened positions, some members of the public are still uncertain. Some are persuadable, and yes, it matters. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the job of American journalism in this moment to get serious about trying to reach these citizens,” she writes.

Sullivan’s column comes on the heels of a Rasmussen poll released last month, which shows that a majority of likely voters believe most reporters are trying to help get President Trump impeached through their reporting.

Those surveyed were asked the following questions:

  • How closely have you followed news reports about House Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Trump?
  • When they write or talk about the impeachment effort, are most reporters trying to help impeach President Trump or block his impeachment? Or are most reporters simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner?

Fifty-three percent of likely voters believe reporters are trying to assist in the Democrats’ impeachment efforts and only 32 percent of likely voters believe reporters are “simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner.”

Fox News points out that the Washington Post column was slammed by conservatives, with Newsbusters executive editor Tim Graham writing, “Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan has offered a perfect example of how the pompous Post sees itself. It exists to provide enlightenment to the masses, and the masses are supposed to respond and give liberals victory at the polls, both at election time and when the media pollsters work the phones. It is their job to destroy Trump’s ‘darkness’ that’s allegedly killing democracy.”

Congressman Lee Zeldin took to Twitter to slam the column, writing, “‘Journalists’ apparently need to do a better job of being Democratic hack surrogates, according to this gross take.”

Brit Hume linked to the column and wrote on Twitter, “Because, you see, journalists are not simply to report the news without fear or favor. Their mission instead is to convince the public that the president should be impeached and removed. Good lord.”

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