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WaPo Under Fire for “Migrant Facility” Headline After Four Years of “Kids in Cages” Under Trump

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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The Washington Post is facing ridicule for its much softer coverage of President Biden’s “migrant facility for children,” which the publication heavily criticized during Trump’s term as places hosting “kids in cages.”

From Fox News:

The headline, which read “First migrant facility for children opens under Biden,” appeared far more charitable than the coverage the Post gave to former President Trump, particularly during the 2018 migrant crisis when the administration enforced its child-separation policy among migrant families.

Headlines from 2018 include, “The American tradition of caging children,” and “The real reason we’re locking children in cages.”

In 2019, the Post ran a story titled, “Viewing US border cells derided as ‘cages,’ Central American officials pledge more immigration cooperation.”

Even the Post’s editorial board as recently as September 2020 wrote, “The tableaux of caged migrant children, torn from their parents’ arms, should be among the most enduring images produced by the president’s policies” in a piece warning about what Trump’s immigration agenda in a second term would look like.

Critics quickly took hold of the headline, blasting the publication for its apparent hypocrisy on the subject.

“Just for the record, the Biden Administration IS separating children and parents, and building trailer park cages to hold those children,” Glenn Beck said. “Where is the outrage from the left. We will interpret your silence as confirmation you never actually cared about kids ‘in cages.’”

“Kids lovingly eased away from undocumented parents to enjoy fun vacation in Uncle Joe’s cozy Not-a-Cages,” said Ricochet editor Jon Gabriel.

“Aw it’s like an adorable ‘lil summer camp vibe now, thank you mainstream media,” quipped Reason editor Robby Soave.

The facility, which briefly opened in 2019 under former President Donald Trump, was forced to reopen Monday amid fears of overcrowding at permanent facilities during the pandemic and a wave of new unaccompanied children attempting to cross the border.

The facility was met with fierce protesting over the summer of 2019, but its most recent opening under the Biden Administration has largely been ignored.

Press Secretary Paski couldn’t explain the difference either.

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