Washington Post “Fact-Checker” Fails at Fact Checking

Washington Post “Fact-Checker” Fails at Fact Checking

The Washington Post’s (alleged) Fact-Checker, Glenn Kessler, retweeted a video from Fox News’ Martha MacCullum’s show, where guest Rishi Desai, an infectious-disease physician, said that President Trump should have acted earlier based on what was public knowledge about the Wuhan virus back in December. He even credited the World Health Organization (WHO) for supposedly telling us to act that early. (Spoiler: they did not).

The video went viral with liberals cheering this as an example of a “doctor owning Fox News,” as opposed to what the video actually was, a doctor speaking authoritatively while making falsehoods. In total the video has been seen by over 17 million people on twitter, one of which was Kessler, who uncritically retweeted it to his followers.

Kessler eventually had to do damage control because the video was misleading about how early Trump could have acted, considering that both the Chinese Communist government and the WHO was covering up much of the virus’ spread and Chinese statistics on the rates of infection and transmission. In fact, it was as recently as mid-January that the WHO misinformed the world that the coronavirus couldn’t be transmitted by human-to-human contact.

Kessler later acknowledged that Desai’s argument was misleading nonsense:

In other words, this changes the narrative entirely.

It’s not a shock that the Leftist media lied again. What is though is why people keep falling for it?

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