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WATCH: Amidst Anti-Blue Times, Good Citizens Help Rookie Officer Make Arrest

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Earlier this week the New York Post reported that NYPD Police Commissioner James O’Neill “scoffed at the possibility of a police slowdown in response to Officer Daniel Pantaleo’s firing.” Pantaleo was fired because he used a chokehold that is banned, which led to Eric Garner’s death. Following the firing, a cop-union called for members to take “extreme caution” when doing routing police work.

After O’Neill’s disrespectful approach to the matter, Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch called for a union “no confidence” vote directed at the commissioner and Mayor Bill de Blasio under the union tweeting #JobisDead.

Surfacing in the midst of this troubling era are videos of citizens and onlookers treating officers and law enforcement horribly. In the case of the Philadelphia 8-hour police standoff with a felon the neighborhood came out and taunted the cops. In New York citizens were caught on camera throwing buckets of water at cops and young kids squirting them with water guns as they attempt to protect their very neighborhoods.

This video shows promise that respect for law enforcement is not deafened by the loud and proud troublemakers. Surprisingly, the video emerges from Los Angeles County where three bystanders rushed to the aid of a deputy as the suspect was going after his gun.

One of the men who stepped in to help was Brian Whitney, who said “I heard the officer yelling, ‘Get your hands off my gun,’ so then I went in and I ripped the dude’s hands off the officer’s gun. And then one of the other good Samaritans took the clip out and slid it away just in case.”

Captain Jim Tatrau said, “every single fight a deputy is involved in it’s a fight for their life because there is a gun involved and that’s the deputy’s gun.” The captain also added how proud he is of the citizens, particularly in today’s environment with anti-cop rhetoric coming from Democratic leadership. “It’s a big deal. It’s a big deal, not only for our community, it’s a big deal for me personally…I’m responsible for these men and women” and when citizens step up, “it does remind me and others how good they are.”

Photos by Getty Images

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