Watch: CA State Senator Bans Use of “He/She” Pronouns, Can’t Even Follow Her Own Rules

Watch: CA State Senator Bans Use of "He/She" Pronouns, Can't Even Follow Her Own Rules 2

California State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson announced last week that only “gender neutral” pronouns would be allowed during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings–banning words like “he” and “she” in favor of “they.”

However, mere moments after her announcement, Jackson broke her own rules.

“I’d like to note — in respecting the fact that we are now a state recognizing the non-binary designation as a gender — he and she, we are now merging them so we are using what my grammar teacher would have had a heart attack over: We are using the phrase ‘they’ and replacing other designations so it’s a gender neutral designation: ‘they,’” she said. “Basically, that’s the primary reforms and revisions to the committee rules.”


Jackson then used the pronoun “her” to describe her former grammar teacher.

“The world is a different place. My grammar teacher is long gone and we won’t be hearing from her,” she said, prompting her colleagues to correct her. “From them,” someone interjected.

“From them, exactly,” Jackson replied. “From they!”


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