WATCH: College Students Slam Thanksgiving, Claim Holiday Shouldn’t be Celebrated

WATCH: College Students Slam Thanksgiving, Claim Holiday Shouldn’t be Celebrated

It wouldn’t be a holiday season without liberals taking offense to the traditions most Americans hold near to their hearts….

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, The College Fix decided to ask students at Macalester College in Minnesota if it’s OK to celebrate the American holiday.

Their answers may not surprise you.

According to the publication, “most” of the students said it wasn’t acceptable to celebrate the holiday, while others said it was allowed as long as one kept in mind the horrible atrocities carried out by colonists.

“I think that Thanksgiving has been misconstrued a lot, especially in textbooks,” one student said. “It’s kind of just based off of the genocide of indigenous people and I don’t really think that we actually give thanks on Thanksgiving, we just eat a bunch of food and it’s just a bunch of capitalist bullsh*t.”

“The entire thing is sort of based off indigenous peoples and the murder of indigenous peoples in history,” replied another student.

One pupil took it a step further and asked, “What do Americans do except for celebrate unethical holidays?”

When asked what other holidays were unethical, the student replied “Columbus Day…I mean, Christmas break should be labeled as like ‘winter break’ in general but most schools are celebrating as Christmas break.”

Another student gave the thoughtful answer that celebrating Christmas and Easter was worse than celebrating Thanksgiving because “that sh*t sucks.”

Sadly, the website points out that after “spending several hours speaking with students, The College Fix found only a handful who unabashedly supported Thanksgiving.”

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