WATCH: Dan Bongino and Rep. Nunes Debunk Comey Allegations About Mifsud

WATCH: Dan Bongino and Rep. Nunes Debunk Comey Allegations About Mifsud

Dan hosted Fox News’ Hannity last night where he and ranking House Intelligence Committee member Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) broke down the Joseph Mifsud mystery.

Remember, Mifsud–a Maltese professor–was at the center of the case against Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos. He allegedly relayed information obtained by the Russians to Papadopoulos which served as the catalyst for the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia.

In May, Comey wrote in the Washington Post that Mifsud was a Russian “agent.”

“In April 2016, that adviser talked to a Russian agent in London, learned that the Russians had obtained ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton in the form of thousands of emails and that the Russians could assist the Trump campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to Clinton,” he wrote.

How is it that former FBI Director James Comey has been the only government official to claim that Mifsud was a Russian agent?

If Comey is correct, and Mifsud is indeed involved with Russia, how is it that Robert Mueller–after spending millions of dollars investigating the so-called Trump-Russia connections–couldn’t draw the same conclusion in his infamous report?

Watch below:

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