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Watch Dan’s Fiery Debate on Starbucks and Police: “Is This Guy Serious?!”

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A salty Dan Bongino joined Fox News’ Laura Ingraham last night and couldn’t conceal his disdain for the ridiculous comments made by his debate opponent, Jonathan Harris.

Ingraham had Harris and Bongino on the program to discuss the July 4 incident in Tempe, Arizona where a Starbucks barista asked police officers to leave the store because their presence made a customer uncomfortable.

Harris said a report indicated the individual who complained to Starbucks about the police may have been white. He then claimed about 1,000 people a year are killed by police, and a majority of them are white males, so he could understand why the person who complained to the coffee chain might feel unsafe.

**LISTEN: Dan discusses his fiery debate with Jonathan Harris Over the Starbucks/Police Incident**

“I was looking at some of the data…the police on average, according to reports, kill about 1,000 people a year since about 2015….the majority of them are actually white men, so I can understand if this is a white guy, maybe him feeling a little uncomfortable, a little unsafe.”

While Ingraham and Harris continue to talk, a visibly frustrated Bongino asks, “Is this guy serious!?”

“What he just said was so dumb that I’m stunned he said it on national television,” Bongino said.

“The worst day of a police officer’s life—I was there—I’m pretty sure Jonathan wasn’t…is a use of force incident. Number one Laura, because God forbid you have to use force… You think that’s funny Jon? Secondly, you’re probably going to get sued and lose your livelihood after you unfortunately had to use force against another human being,” he continued.

Unfortunately, time was running out in the segment and Ingraham suggested she have both men on again to discuss the topic further.

“Check the numbers,” Jonathan said, to which Bongino replies, “Ah beat it! Get lost!”

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