WATCH: INCREDIBLE Moment U.S. Coast Guardsmen Leap onto Drug Smuggling Submarine

WATCH: INCREDIBLE Moment U.S. Coast Guardsmen Leap onto Drug Smuggling Submarine

A drug smuggling submarine headed towards the U.S. was apprehended by the Coast Guard in a dramatic scene caught on camera.

WKYT reports that over the past few months, the Coast Guard has seized 40,000 pounds of drugs with an estimated street value of $569 million. The drugs were seized in 14 operations since May in waters off Mexico and Central and South America.

In all, 55 smuggling suspects were taken into custody.

During a ceremony onboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro in San Diego yesterday, Vice President Pence praised the guardsmen and said, “Make no mistake about it, Coasties, your courageous service is saving American lives. You truly are gallantry in action. Let’s hear it for the men and women of the United States Coast Guard Cutter Munro. Job well done.”

Pence also stressed the importance of their work to American communities.

“What you seize and put on these decks to be offloaded is prevented from tearing apart lives and communities. The transnational criminal organization and the cartels that fund their deadly trade represent one of the greatest national security and public health threats to the American people,” he said.

President Trump tweeted about the seizure yesterday, writing “Do you believe this kind of bravery? Amazing drug seizure. WATCH!”

NOTE: An earlier version of this story did not distinguish that the nearly 40,000 lbs of drugs seized came from 14 different operations since May. This story has been updated.

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