WATCH: Man Triggered by Students for Trump Threatens to “Slash” Republican’s Throats

WATCH: Man Triggered by Students for Trump Threatens to “Slash” Republican’s Throats

A man who was clearly suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) went on a tirade earlier this week after he was triggered by a Students for Trump table at Arizona State University.

The man approached the table screaming, “…In the town square, slash his throat. Every f**kin Republican, suck my f**kin b*lls. Slash Republican throats. Slash fascist throats.”

The Daily Caller reports that Students for Trump chapter president Osama Alani said in a statement,  “We stood prepared to defend each other against the potential threat but thankfully, the situation deescalated as he left and everyone was safe at the end of the day.”

Chapter member Blayke Heaton said this was not an isolated incident. “This happens frequently and we’re trying to show that Trump supporters will not be silenced by the left no matter how threatening and spiteful they are towards us. It makes us stronger!”

ASU police tweeted, “We are aware of a video circulating on social media where an individual appears to be making threats. We are working with the University to address the matter.”

Last month, the group tweeted a video claiming it showed Antifa members confronting its chapter president and other students while yelling “F**k the United States.”

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk responded to the video, calling the actions of the perpetrators “domestic terrorism” and wrote, “These Masked ANTIFA activists stormed a Students For Trump chapter president at @ASU in Phoenix They chanted “f**k the United States’ They hate America They hate this president And the ‘tolerant left’ refuses to condemn this.”

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