After a harrowing eight hour standoff with police, 36-year-old suspect Maurice Hill surrendered to police with his arms up just around midnight, and is now in custody. Hill has a criminal history and President Trump tweeted this morning that he “should never have been allowed to be on the streets…must get much tougher on street crime!”

Thankfully all six officers allegedly shot during the incident have been released from the hospital. This heartfelt moment of one officer being released from the hospital while his brothers in arms saluted was caught on film. Also caught on film was an enraging scene of neighbors and the public taunting police officers as they endured the dangerous shootout with Hill. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who is all too familiar with these events in his city said things “went awry almost immediately” when two officers arrived to serve a warrant.

Ross said of the fact that all six of the officers struck by bullets survived was “nothing short of a miracle that we don’t have multiple officers killed today.” Thank God all six brave officers are home with their families today. Thank you for your service.