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Watch: Propaganda Press Gleeful Over Soviet-Style Trump Verdict 

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 05/31/2024
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Americans across the country have reacted to the Soviet-style show trial and conviction of former President Donald Trump by posting upside-down flags to signify the end of our democratic system and by donating in droves to Trump’s campaign. This morning, Trump announced he’d raised $34.8 million from small-dollar donors alone. 

The leftist corporate media, however, has had a different reaction to Democrats successfully deploying Stalanistic tactics to “get Trump.” 

“[I]t’s a majestic day," former U.S. Attorney and frequent MSNBC guest Harry Litman told Nicolle Wallace. “We are rightly saying the system worked like clockwork and the jury was diligent and attentive and the judge was firm and gentle,” Litman continued. “Miracle is too strong a word, but really a day for celebration.” 

“Donald Trump, the ultimate brander, the guy that gave you ‘little Marco’ or ‘lying Ted,’ is simply branded ‘convicted felon Donald Trump,’” Democrat commentator Donny Deutsch said on MSNBC. “He’s a loser. He’s anything but invincible, and he’s branded permanently a convicted felon.” 

Convicted liar and former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen stated on MSNBC, “We need for accountability to be had by all those that break the law. No one is above the law. And today's verdict demonstrates that." 

Prior to the guilty verdict, Nicole Wallace stated, "It should not be minimized that this trial was fair,” adding "Fairness… was clearly the ethos that this judge brought to this courtroom!"

MSNBC Senior Contributor Mike Barnicle asserted that Trump speaking out against his guilty verdict undermines the“rule of law.” 

The weaponization of the state against Joe Biden’s political opponent satiated some of the propaganda press’s hatred for Trump. Among the general populace, however, the news has ignited a patriotic fury. 

For years now, regular Americans have been trampled on by globalist policies that have left us impoverished, disillusioned shells of the people we once were. Trump offered an alternative: fair trade, American energy independence, secure borders, and an end to irrelevant foreign conflicts. For standing up for the people, the state lashed out at Trump. Indeed, the political persecution of Trump is persecution of the people. 

The rigged trial and conviction in New York signifies for the country that our institutions have been captured by radical left-wing tyrants who hate us and our founding principles. The corporate media is one of those captured intuitions, and it deserves nothing but our contempt as it furthers the downfall of the republic. 

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