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WATCH:AZ Border Patrol Chief Debunks AOC Lies About Migrant Facilities

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Border Patrol agents are fighting back after Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) created a media firestorm last week after accusing agents of forcing migrants to drink water from toilets at detention facilities.

In a video posted to the @CBPArizona Twitter account last week, Tucson sector Chief Patrol Agent Roy Villareal gives a tour of the city’s border detention facility where he showcases all of the food, clothing, and toiletries provided to migrants.

He also explains the options illegal immigrants have when obtaining fresh water.

“Aliens are not forced to drink out of a toilet. Aliens have options. Fresh water is provided on a regular basis in a water cooler,” he says.

The video shows viewers an example of a toilet with a sink attached. Villareal explains, “There is also water that is provided in …this is a combination of a toilet and sink and the sink provides fresh water…there’s nothing wrong with this water. We’re not forcing aliens to drink water out of a toilet.”

Last week, after visiting a Texas migrant facility, Ocasio-Cortez told reporters, “There’s abuse in these facilities…this was [CBP] on their best behavior and they put them in a room with no running water and these women were being told my CBP officers to drink out of the toilet. They were drinking water out of the toilet….this is CBP on their best behavior.”

However, when a reporter followed up asking if the Congresswoman actually witnessed anyone drinking from a toilet, the congresswoman conveniently rolled up her window and drove away:

Photos by Getty Images

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