‘We Don’t Want Biden – We Want REVENGE’: Antifa Trashes Democrat Headquarters in Portland

‘We Don’t Want Biden – We Want REVENGE’: Antifa Trashes Democrat Headquarters in Portland

Hours after Joe Biden was inaugurated, ANTIFA celebrated by trashing the headquarters of the Democrat Party in Portland. ANTIFA smashed windows, kicked in a door, and wrote graffiti like “f*** Biden” on the building. All of this was done after clashes with the hapless police in Portland, who have been prevented by the government there from taking stronger steps to deal with rioters.

After gathering, the rioters blocked traffic at will.

They shined a spotlight into people’s homes.

They set American flags on fire.

They smashed up a Starbucks.

They smashed up a courthouse.

They also smashed up the Democratic Party headquarters.


The protesters also carried a sign calling for “revenge” and called themselves “ungovernable.”

Of course, the prisons are full of “ungovernable” people. That’s where we put ungovernable people who can’t act like civilized human beings. This is how ANTIFA should be handled as well. Ultimately, the police did finally arrest 8 people, but since the prosecutor in Portland is pro-ANTIFA, it seems unlikely that they’ll be held on bail or even prosecuted. Given the events of the last couple of weeks, this raises some obvious questions. Like, when do we send thousands of National Guard members to Portland to stop the insurrection? When does the FBI start asking for the public’s help to identify these insurrectionists? When do we dole out some serious prison time to these criminals? These people deserve EXACTLY the same treatment as the people that rioted in the Capitol. By the way, that’s not a call to give leniency to the rioters in the Capitol Building, it’s a call to crack down on people doing the same thing on the other side of the aisle. The 14th Amendment guarantees us “Equal Treatment Under the Law,” not one set of laws for liberals and another set of laws for conservatives. Either one set of rioters should face serious consequences for the actions or neither should.

It would be better for the country if it were the former, but either way, everyone should be equal under the law.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know

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