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WH Press Secretary: Obama Aides Left “You Will Fail” Notes for Trump Officials

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Obama aides left notes reading “You will fail” for incoming Trump administration officials, according to White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.

Grisham told a Norfolk, Virginia radio host, “We came into the White House—I’ll tell you something, every office was filled with Obama books. And we had notes left behind that said ‘You will fail,’ ‘You aren’t going to make it.’ And in the press office, there was a big note taped to a door that said, ‘You will fail.'”

The Daily Mail followed up with Grisham, who said Obama aides left cabinets in the press office filled with books authored by President Obama and a note was taped inside the cabinet doors reading, “You will fail.”

One former Trump administration official told the Daily Mail, “It was a mess that first week. Yeah, there were mean notes left in odd places. One in a deputy press secretary’s office, one inside a desk drawer in upper press, another on a bathroom mirror. They were all about how we were doomed to failure.”

Another former administration official confirmed the notes, telling the Daily Mail they “definitely happened.” They continued, “They were trolling us from the minute we got there. It was definitely just ridiculous. We were trying to find the bathroom, and we get these notes saying ‘You will fail,’ and ‘You’re not going to make it.'”

Democrats are denying the notes, and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice took to Twitter to call the allegations a “bald faced lie.”

However, the Daily Mail notes that a Trump administration aide told the publication about the petty notes in 2017, however they could not confirm the story at the time.

Mail Reporter David Martosko claims to have spoken with four former Trump administration officials and all of them confirmed the notes.

Photos by Getty Images

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