While Criticizing Facebook’s “Misinformation,” Biden Spent $4.7M on Facebook Ads

While Criticizing Facebook’s “Misinformation,” Biden Spent $4.7M on Facebook Ads

For the month of June, the Biden campaign ramped up its spending on Facebook advertising, spending $4.7M in the last week alone.

But at the same time, Biden has been, according to the Washington Free Beacon, ramping up a pressure campaign to change Facebook’s advertising policies, in order to get rid of “false information” in pro-Trump ads. The Beacon also says that Biden’s website is “urging supporters to sign its petition calling for stricter fact checking at the company.” The campaign also published an open letter to founder Mark Zuckerberg stating that politician are using Facebook to “spread fear and misleading information.”

“I am calling on you to make clear rules—applied to everyone, including Donald Trump—that prohibit threatening behavior and the spread of misinformation,” Biden said on his website.

“After foreign operatives and rightwing trolls used Facebook to hack the 2016 election, Facebook vowed ‘never again’ and promised to take action. But with fewer than 5 months until the 2020 election, Facebook seems to be on a crash course to let the same mistakes happen again.”

But, apparently, Biden has no problem using the platform that promotes “false information” to spread his own message, where the campaign spent a record-breaking $1.6M in a single day last week. Furthermore, “The Biden campaign spent $4.7 million on Facebook ads over the past week, according to records published by the social media platform—more than it spent in the entirety of 2019.”

Sounds pretty hypocritical. But that’s typical for the Left.

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