Whistleblower Atty Tweets Client Will Accept ‘Written’ Questions, Just Not About ‘Irrelevant’ Identity

Whistleblower Atty Tweets Client Will Accept ‘Written’ Questions, Just Not About ‘Irrelevant’ Identity

In an interesting 7-part tweet Sunday, the attorney for the Ukraine call “whistleblower” made a bizarre announcement. “WBer NEWS ALERT” the lawyer Mark Zaid’s tweets began. “Our legal team offered GOP direct opportunity to ask written questions of #whistleblower.” Zaid then chastises “GOP messaging, led by President Trump” for demanding “disclosure” of the whistleblower’s identity.

What Zaid does not acknowledge, is that the GOP and Trump only care about the identity of the whistleblower in order to assess their credibility and if they did indeed have any access to real or critical national intelligence. A completely reasonable question considering the whistleblower complaint even admitted their “intelligence” was second-hand information. Furthermore, it is that second-hand information that is wasting an asinine amount of time and money putting the country in a vulnerable position while attempting to unjustly oust the President.

Despite all reason, Democrats are taking the low road acting as if the GOP of “demanding” to know the identity so they can be hunted down and murdered. The “GOP has sought to expose our client’s identity which could jeopardize their safety, as well as that of their family” Zaid’s tweets continued. Democrats are manipulating the public with rhetoric as though the whistleblower is in grave danger. The only threat, dear Democrats, is that the truth will not set you free.

Comically, Zaid then goes straight into how unimportant his client’s identity is. “We have directly engaged GOP as to the irrelevance of the whistleblower’s information and identity (including addressing any issue of bias)…Btw, countless OIG complaints are filed anonymously & full of hearsay. It’s common.”

Come again? The whistleblower’s identity is so “irrelevant” that you can’t release it? Oh, and “Btw” anonymous complaints “full of hearsay” is “common.” Looks like we have a bigger problem on our hands than we thought. The solution? in order to make some valiant gesture to prove that “Being a whistleblower is not a partisan job nor is impeachment an objective” they “have offered to @DevinNunes, Ranking HPSCI Member, opportunity for Minority to submit through legal team written questions to WBer.” The gesture comes with guidelines: “Q’s cannot seek identifying info, regarding which we will not provide, or otherwise be inappropriate. We will ensure timely answers.”

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