White House Issues SCATHING Letter to DOJ About Mueller

White House Issues SCATHING Letter to DOJ About Mueller

The White House ripped into Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a recently revealed letter to the Department of Justice, according to Fox News.

The letter slammed the special counsel’s team for including “political statements” in the Russia report and for its failure to act as traditional prosecutors.

White House Counsel Emmett Flood sent the letter to DOJ on April 19.

Fox News reports:

In the letter, Flood was sharply critical of the Mueller team’s handling of the investigation into whether Trump obstructed justice — namely, not reaching a determination on that question while still going into great detail about the probe’s findings and including a pointed passage that stated the probe did not exonerate the president.

“The Special Counsel and his staff failed in their duty to act as prosecutors and only as prosecutors,” Flood wrote, complaining that the report “suffers from an extraordinary legal defect” by failing to comply with the “requirements of governing law.”

Flood noted prosecutors “simply are not in the business of establishing innocence.”

…Flood also complained that the report is “is laden with factual information that has never been subjected to adversarial testing or independent analysis.”

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