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Who Was The President Who Transformed America? Donald Trump

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 06/27/2022
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When Barack Obama ran for President, he ran on “hope” and change,” but he also made a promise that he was going to “transform America.” Did America need transforming? What exactly was that transformation supposed to look like? We all had an idea knowing his background. One of Obama’s mentors, according to his own books, was known communist Frank Marshall Davis. In a Washington Post article from 2015 citing Paul Kengor’s book “The Communist” about Davis and Obama, “The use of the word ‘change’ during Obama’s first campaign for president hearkens Davis’s desire for change.” 

Obama did not hesitate to make that change. He began attacking law enforcement and sowing racial division. Remember when his friend Henry Gates was detained for breaking into his own house and Obama said about the Cambridge Police, “I don't know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that. But I think it's fair to say…that the Cambridge police acted stupidly.” So not having all the facts but making judgements about what happened also set standards for what we are seeing today.” I guess that’s the change he was getting at.

Obamacare would be the zenith of his power during his Presidency. Controlling your healthcare is one of the major steps to controlling your life. But in a world that was not yet satiated with Facebook and Twitter, at least as far as their desire to steal the narrative and control the news, Obama was rebuked by the American people and in his first midterm elections, was handed a stunning defeat with at 60+ seat loss in the house and losing the Senate. 

Hillary was supposed to be the one to continue that transformation, because her political philosophy was just like Obamas. They were the ones that would finally push through their socialist ideas, ideas that began to bear fruit under Franklin Roosevelt, who was advised by people who studied what Vladimir Lenin was doing in Russia. Then in the 1960’s the counterculture movement sparked the effort to take over academia to spread these ideas. God was then taken out of schools and the public square because of the bastardization of a comment Thomas Jefferson made in a letter to the Danbury Baptists about “separation of church and state.” And now they were on the precipice of achieving their socialist utopia. 

But something happened that they never saw coming. Donald Trump came down an escalator in 2016 to announce to the world that he was going to undo what Obama did and Make America Great Again. MAGA became a thing. The media mocked and laughed. Both Democrats and Republicans mocked and laughed. They never took him seriously, and this was their fatal mistake.  

Trump ran on protecting our border, putting conservative judges on the court, and putting America and its citizens first. He kept mentioning God. And when this was attacked by that same media, Democrat and RINO coalition, he didn’t back down. He fought back. No matter what they threw at him, and they threw a lot. So much so, any other person running for office would have halted their campaign and faded into obscurity. But he fought them. And he connected. Conservatives across America finally had what they had been wanting for decades and not been getting. Someone who would fight. Someone who would not back down. 

Instead, he doubled down. He said he would appoint judges that would overturn Roe V. Wade. He said other countries would start to pay their fair share for their own defense. He said China would be put on a level playing field financially. He said Mexico would pay to protect the border. He said Obamacare would be repealed (which Republicans kept promising for years but never did a thing about). These were all things you weren’t supposed to say, according to the political consultants and the “research.” But he said them. And he meant them. And the message resonated. 

When he won, it was an earthquake, a nuclear explosion, a meteor hitting the earth all at the same time. The shock was overwhelming. The media, Democrat and RINO coalition had to do something, because it seemed he was serious about doing what he said. The establishment was threatened, so they reacted. They created the fake Russia collusion narrative that strangled any attempts to kick start the Trump agenda. Even though he had a Republican congress, the establishment RINO’s like John McCain and Paul Ryan stopped him. Except for one thing.

On January 31st, Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the tragic and untimely death of the great Antonin Scalia. Thankfully, the one thing the establishment Republicans didn’t fight Trump on was judges. To his credit, RINO Mitch McConnell did not have the Senate advise and consent on Obama’s selection of Merrick Garland to fill that seat, and as we are seeing today, that was one of the greatest favors McConnell did the country. 

This angered the left greatly. When Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, and Trump selected Brett Kavanaugh to fill that seat, the left found a willing patsy to falsely accuse him of being a rapist. More false stories about his high school and college years came up about his sexual proclivities and binge drinking. It was the worst hit job on a person’s character since the Democrats hit job on Clarence Thomas. Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters had to listen to these false accusations and lies about the person they dearly loved. And Trump backed him up. Trump was not going to withdraw the nomination. Kavanaugh was confirmed. This incensed the left even more.

When their sainted justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, Trump had another justice to appoint. “It’s too close to the election, just like Merrick Garland,” they yelled. “You can’t appoint anyone, the next President should,” they shrieked. But Trump didn’t listen. He appointed Amy Coney Barrett. And, again to his credit, Mitch McConnell pushed her through.  

While many questions remain about the 2020 election, and we know about the abuses and shenanigans regarding mail in ballots and ballot harvesting that gave us Joe Biden, it’s a Godsend that these judges are on the court. And we saw why last week. With the historic overturn of the horrendous Roe v. Wade decision, and the upholding of second amendment rights, two crucial cases, Donald Trump accomplished what he promised: to Make America Great Again. 

This battle is far from over. It’s just begun. The left will not relent, so we have to fight harder for our ideas. Trump may have stalled the “transformation” of America, but they will never give up. But President Trump has given us the blueprint and tools for us to implement American principles. Make no mistake, Donald Trump was the real transformative President of our lifetime. 

Jim Verdi is the Senior Producer of the Dan Bongino Show 

Photos by Getty Images

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