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Why AlignPay

Fight tech tyranny. Join Dan on Rumble.

Authored by Jeffrey Wernick

Dan Bongino and I have formed an entity, Liberatio Protocol LLC. Liberatio means liberation, and our launch of AlignPay represents our first investment in our Align For Freedom ecosystem.

The cancel culture, woke, Robespierre-like mob has substituted deplatforming, dehumanizing, demonizing and demonetizing for the guillotine in their digital inquisition against all who dissent. So many have suffered the consequences associated with their Reign of Terror.

In our common law system there is a concept of tortious interference. It occurs when one party intentionally damages another party’s business or contractural relationship with a third party, causing economic harm.

So many live in fear of this Reign of Terror. In fear of the digital inquisition, as if the Bill of Rights exist in the digital sphere. As a consequence, people are censored and what is likely more prevalent, people self-censor to avoid the consequences of arousing the cancel culture mob.

Today, it seems like the definition of a high risk person is an individual who embraces capitalism and believes the Bill of Rights performs the function that Thomas Jefferson asserted: “A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on Earth.”

The flow of words, ideas, thoughts, money and commerce should be censorship resistant to the extent that there is no violation of the law. Anything else represents a “tortious interference” of our inalienable rights.

Dan and I are not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. We are investing our time and money to build. We are building an ecosystem where freedom and liberty resides, unlike that of the Masters of the Universe in Silicon Valley who want to manipulate you and are designing their own social credit score modeled after the Communist Party of China. They want to censor any and all narratives that conflict with their experiment in social engineering of all of us to fit their preferences. They spy on us 24/7, stripping us of all dignity, humanity and privacy while not only manipulating everyone and pillaging and plundering our personal data.

The choice is clear: be a subject of the tech tyrants, tech oligarchs and their ecosystem which includes the woke, cancel culture mob, cultural Marxists, and most of the mainstream media who aid and abet. Or, join us at Align for Freedom, where privacy is respected, data is neither pillaged nor plundered, and we all practices mutual respect. We support freedom and prosperity for all people, for all Americans, not just those we might be ideologically aligned with us. We embrace diversity in the truest, broadest sense.

Perhaps the best TV production that discussed the virtues of capitalism was Free to Choose, hosted by Milton Friedman. The greatest way, as demonstrated by history, to create wealth and abundance is through free and voluntary exchange, leaving us all of us free to choose without undo interference from any third party. That is our pledge, Dan and I, the Liberatio Protocol, AlignPay and the Align for Freedom; to preserve your freedom to choose. We hope you choose freedom. We hope your preferences are not to be subjects subordinated to tech tyrants who want you to bend to their rules. That you choose an ecosystem designed to preserve your sovereignty. We believe you are sovereign. Liberatio Protocol. AlignPay. Align for Freedom.

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