Why Don’t the Bidens Have to Testify Unless it’s for Trump Impeachment?

Why Don’t the Bidens Have to Testify Unless it’s for Trump Impeachment?

Yet again, the Democrats are blatantly ignoring the facts on their blind pursuit of impeachment. Now handing out subpoenas and demanding testimonies like candy, what about the Bidens? Why is there no pending trial for the Bidens? Why aren’t they being subpoenaed? Why doesn’t Joe have to suspend his presidential campaign until the allegations are further investigated?

While we know the answer to all of the above questions, The Washington Times writes that there are some who don’t think the Democrats have thoroughly thought through impeachment consequences. “Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and his son Hunter could be forced to testify if the senate ends up holding an impeachment trial of President Trump.” The concern comes from “congressional aides who questioned whether Democrats have thought through the full implications of their impeachment drive.”

Going further, “Not only could Mr. Biden be forced to be in D.C. at a critical moment in the presidential campaign, but so could many of his chief rivals-the half-dozen senators also vying for Democrats’ presidential nomination, impeachment experts said.” If the House brings up anything from the Russia investigation, aides worry “it could open the door to witnesses such as fired FBI agent Peter Strzok or even major figures from the Obama administration.” Talk about a can of worms Democrats likely do not want opened.

“I don’t think the Dems have thought this through at all,’ one staffer told the Washington Times.” The reasoning is simple and makes sense. Democrats control the House where they can vote to “pass articles of impeachment.” If that occurs, then the Senate takes over. Republicans have a majority in the Senate “giving them full control over what an impeachment trial would look like.”

In the Senate, senators would need to “sit as a jury” and find a two-thirds vote “to convict and oust the president.” Once again, there are six senators running for president who would have to essentially leave their campaigns to play juror in this witch hunt.

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