WinRed Raises $450 Million for Republicans in First Year

WinRed Raises $450 Million for Republicans in First Year

The Republican alternative to the Democrats’ online fundraising platform “ActBlue” is giving them a run for their money. The latter platform, founded in 2004, acts as a sort of “GoFundMe” exclusively for Democrat campaigns, candidates, committees, and other regressive organizations.

While ActBlue was founded in 2004, it took them until 2014 to crowdsource what the newly founded “WinRed” would in just their first year.

As RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel writes:

In WinRed’s first year alone, we raised $450 million online, with an average gift of $40. It took Democrats 10 years to reach this same amount using ActBlue. This is a testament to a more sophisticated WinRed platform, combined with strong enthusiasm from our supporters and a unified GOP.

What WinRed does best is help us shine a national spotlight on local races. To date, key races have raised over $25 million via WinRed’s conduit features. By making it easy to show donors where the biggest races are, we can directly fund the races that will grow our Senate majority and take back the House from Nancy Pelosi.

Last month the Republican National Committee raised $74 million, topping their April numbers but trailing the Biden campaign for the first month ever. However, Trump’s cumulative fundraising of $817 million still surpasses Biden, and he’s amassed a larger war chest with $265 million in cash on hand.

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