Woman Who Fed Husband Fish Tank Cleaner to Prevent Coronavirus Now Being Investigated for Homicide

Woman Who Fed Husband Fish Tank Cleaner to Prevent Coronavirus Now Being Investigated for Homicide

Last month, an Arizona woman named Wanda Lenius claimed that because she saw President Trump touting hydroxychloroquine as a potential cure for the coronavirus, she told her husband Gary, to drink a fish tank cleaner with a similar sounding ingredient called chloroquine phosphate, and then drank it as well. It killed her husband and left her in critical condition.

We reported at the time that the couple, while the media was propping them up as victims of the President, Wanda was actually a Democrat donor and no fan of the president. Odds are that they wouldn’t have listened to him just because he touted a cure. There are even lower odds that someone would drink fish tank cleaner willingly, especially a retired engineer such as Gary.

From Townhall:

“What bothers me about this is that Gary was a very intelligent man, a retired [mechanical] engineer who designed systems for John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa, and I really can’t see the scenario where Gary would say, ‘Yes, please, I would love to drink some of that Koi fish tank cleaner,'” one of his close friends told the [Washington] Free Beacon. “It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Something didn’t add up here.

Fast forward to now, where Wanda is being investigated for homicide.

As reported by the Free Beacon:

Detective Teresa Van Galder, the homicide detective handling the case for the Mesa City Police Department, confirmed that the investigation is ongoing but declined to provide additional details.

“As this is an active investigation, I cannot go into any details at this time regarding the case,” Van Galder said.

The Free Beacon also notes how Wanda would constantly berate Gary in public and how she was charged with a domestic abuse assault in 2001 for hitting her husband with a bird cage.

Amazing what the media will do to push whatever garbage stories, no matter how insane, to attack Trump. And even if it constantly comes back to bite them, they’ll continue. Because Trump Derangement Syndrome is real – and chronic.

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