YouGov/CBS Poll: Trump Up 10 Points Against Biden Among Independents

YouGov/CBS Poll: Trump Up 10 Points Against Biden Among Independents

According to the latest YouGov/CBS poll, President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in the polls in the area where it matters most: among Independents.

As the Daily Caller reports:

When asked who they would vote for if the election were being held today, 47% of independents said that they would vote for Trump and 37% said they would vote for Biden, the poll showed. Another 5% said that they weren’t sure who they would vote for and 11% said that they would vote third-party or vote for someone other than Trump or Biden.

While 11% claiming they’d vote third party does seem high, Ross Perot did receive nearly 19% of the vote in 1992 (of course the difference here is that this 11% is specifically among Independents, not all voters).

To the detriment of the Lincoln Project and other “principled” establishment hacks, President Donald Trump is also expected to garner a larger share of the Republican vote than he did in the last election.

The Real Clear Politics aggregate of polls as of August 24th has Biden up against Trump in a number of swing states – but they have him up by less than they had Hillary Clinton up as of August 14th 2016… and Trump went on to win all of those states in November.

Are the polls set to disappoint liberals once against this election cycle?

Even this YouGov poll that has Trump up 10 points among Independents has Biden polling 10 points ahead of Trump overall.

How is that possible? Because while Republicans and Democrats both made up roughly a third of the population, YouGov’s sample is only 30% Republican, but 42% Democrat.

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