YouTube to Remove Content That Questions 2020 Election Results

YouTube to Remove Content That Questions 2020 Election Results

YouTube will be implementing some new “parental controls” aimed at silencing dissent to the progressive narrative.

While YouTube grew as an open platform for all ideas, once conservatives began dominating the platform censorship inevitably followed. Those efforts further intensified during the most recent election.

In 2020 employees at YouTube’s parent company Alphabet (which also owns Google) gave sixteen times as much money to Democrats as Republicans.

YouTube has censored the mere mention of the alleged White House whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, banned videos arguing for the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine, actively restricts videos by publishers such as PragerU, and now won’t let anyone cast doubt on any aspect of the 2020 election.

According to the National Pulse’s Natalie Winters:

YouTube has announced it will remove videos criticizing Joe Biden’s alleged victory and reporting on election “fraud or errors,” instead promoting the content of corporate media outlets and fact checkers.

Per YouTube, its December 9th decision was guided by its “main goal” of “connecting people with authoritative information, while also limiting the reach of misinformation and removing harmful content.”

In reality, however, the platform will likely axe a host of pro-Trump accounts, as it has done before.

Specifically, the platform vowed to crack down on any content that exposes “widespread fraud or errors” incurred during the 2020 election.

Needless to say, YouTube felt no need to crack down on those claiming Russia cost Hillary Clinton the election in 2020 (among countless other Russia-related election conspiracies).

Censorship on YouTube has helped fuel the rise of alternatives such as Rumble (which, full disclosure, is part owned by Dan Bongino). Earlier today on his show, Dan challenged YouTube to ban him from the platform, as he has no plans on catering his show to their arbitrary guidelines.

The answer to bad ideas isn’t censorship, it’s good ideas. Perhaps those running YouTube just don’t have much of those to rebut conservative arguments with.

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