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“You’ve Got to be Kidding!” Graham Rips Reporter For Biased Mueller Probe Question

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Senator Lindsey Graham ripped into a journalist today during a press conference after the reporter asked a biased question about the senator’s relationship to President Trump and whether or not it could be a “conflict of interest.”

“You brought up Jeff Sessions’ clear conflict of interest and yet you I’m told delivered a rousing speech at Mar a Lago over the weekend,” the journalist said. “Is that kind of public closeness to the President appropriate does that not at least give the appearance of a conflict of interest given your role in chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee?”

“You’ve got to be kidding! Did anybody ever ask during the Clinton impeachment that a Democrat was conflicted in speaking out on behalf of the president?” Graham replied.

“I am a elected political official. I am a Republican. I am going all over the country to speak to the Republican party. I want Trump to win. I’m chairman of the Judiciary Committee. I do my job very responsibly,” he continued.

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“This committee is going to allow Mr. Barr to come forward and answer some of the questions you’ve asked. I’ve asked him to lay it all out. I stood by Mr. Mueller because I believe in the rule of law. There’s politics and theres’ the rule of law. So to suggest that you’re a Republican and that you want Trump to win somehow you can’t do your job is absurd.”

Watch the heated exchange below:

Earlier today, Graham suggested he would call former FBI Director James Comey in for questioning after Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

After Comey tweeted a photo of himself in a forest with the caption, “So many questions,” Graham replied, “Could not agree more. See you soon,” indicating that he plans to question the former FBI Director about his involvement in the Russia collusion hoax.

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