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Soros-Backed Activist Nandini Jammi Just Can’t Stop Lying

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  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Soros-backed Antifa-linked activist Nandini Jammi can’t seem to stop lying about her “successes” in her efforts to get advertisers to drop right-wing news sites.

After a series of humiliating failures in targeting our advertisers, she’s since resorted to literally making up that certain advertisers dropped us.

Here are a few notable (and amusing) examples.


In late October, Nandini Jammi claimed that she had successfully gotten Ford to drop ads on *some* channels on Rumble.

We covered her claims, and eventually got a response from Ford.

Mark Truby, Ford’s VP of Communications wrote to us, “we haven’t really advertised on the platform to any great degree but also didn’t pull any advertising. I don’t know where that came from.”

So, that was a lie. Next up….


So I wrote Magnite, and they indeed didn’t pull our ads.

After being widely mocked for blatantly lying, Nandini Jammi attempted to “clarify” her prior CONFIRMATION. No word on how exactly she CONFIRMED her lie originally.

And then there’s….


For her “proof” for this one, Nandini Jammi first posted a photo supposedly claiming that NextRoll had dropped us. Previously she posted a photo of them supposedly reaching out to her about her false claims smearing us.

At first I thought it was interesting that in both photos the conversation is one sided – Nandini’s messages to them aren’t seen. Then I noticed that one of the messages is in standard time, and the other is in military time. Either Nandini changed her phone’s time settings at some point in-between these photos, or she just used an online service to fake them and wasn’t careful enough to check the same time option when making them.

Also, there’s three dots next to the heart with the plus sign in the bottom right of the photo in the image supposedly confirming that NextRoll dropped us, but not in the message supposedly showing them messaging her initially.


Furthermore, the size of the NextRoll logo isn’t even the same in both photos, as you can see below in a side by side comparison.

But at least the font sizes (excluding the fonts of the times) in the messages are consistent so…. she has that going for her I guess.


This one went from “CONFIRMED: ZIPCAR HAS DROPPED ADS ON BONGINO” to “Hey ZipCar, uhhhh, can you make sure you dropped ads” within three weeks.


And just as a bonus, here’s some additional tweets, just for laughs.


















Nandini Jammi’s grift hasn’t been going well as of late. In addition to advertisers no longer listening to her, she was recently condemned by the massive Jewish service organization B’Nai Brith for smearing a Jewish journalist as a “Neo-Nazi” in an attempt to cost him advertisers.

Additionally, Nandini also faces allegations of lying to her donors for falsely claiming that donations to her organization “Check My Ads” will be tax deductible.

Matt Palumbo is the author of The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros

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